Month: April 2015

Review: EX MACHINA is Cerebral, Twisty Sci-Fi That Gazes Inward

Ex Machina hinges on the Turing test, an idea which states that a machine has true artificial intelligence when its answers are reasonably similar to how a human would respond. In other words, once a machine’s conversational responses can fool a human, that machine has essentially achieved AI – what some would call a soul. (more…)

Review: BLACK SEA is a 21st-Century Moby Dick with B-Movie Thrills

“I’m not going home poor!” shouts a sailor in Black Sea as he risks life and limb in the pursuit of gold. There’s an interesting subtext (that’s eventually brought to the fore) in this submarine/heist/action film about desperate men taking desperate measures to secure their futures in these times of austerity and financial uncertainty. (more…)

The James Bond Rewatch: DR. NO (1962)

The James Bond movies represent the longest running film series ever (in production from 1962 to today), with Eon Productions having made 23 official entries (go home Never Say Never Again, nobody wants you!). It’s a staggering feat, and it all revolves around one suave super spy created by the talented author Mr. Ian Fleming. (more…)

Review: A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT is the best, worst and only Iranian Western Vampire Movie

Swathed in moody black and white and boasting a memorably rad soundtrack, writer-director Ana Lily Amirpour’s debut feature A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night is a synthesis of many filmic influences in the spirit of Tarantino’s now-familiar style of pastiche. (more…)

Review: Coming-of-Age is Ghoulish and Unsettling in IT FOLLOWS

Most horror movies are about teenagers (played by much older actors) but very few get at the core of adolescence as well as It Follows. The film captures the late summer malaise of young adulthood perfectly while marrying it with a back-to-basics horror concept that relies more on characterization and slow-burn chills than shock jumps and cheap scares (although those are present as well). (more…)

Furious 7 Review

The improbably long lasting Fast & Furious films soldier on with signature excessiveness and goofy sincerity in Furious 7. The last instalment to star affable surfer bro Paul Walker in the face of the actor’s untimely passing, Furious 7 admirably manages this unforeseen hurdle and pays tribute to him in a mostly satisfying entry that amps up the action, emotion and one-liners to near unsustainable levels that nonetheless proves to be a mostly smooth ride despite some bumps in the road and a surplus of passengers.  (more…)