Month: July 2015

ANT-MAN Review: Marvel Gets Intimate

An Ant-Man movie was always going to be an uphill battle. Even with Marvel making household names out of second-string characters like Iron Man and Thor (think back a decade and recall their relative obscurity to the public at large), Ant-Man was weirder and more idiosyncratic than anything that had come before, with the possible of exception of Guardians of The Galaxy. But could lightning strike twice? (more…)

IRRATIONAL MAN Review: Woody Allen’s Latest Mixes Philosophy & Murder

Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone are a knockout pair of actors and Woody Allen is prolific enough (steadily churning out a movie a year) that he can’t help but hit the mark occasionally (see Midnight in Paris and Blue Jasmine for recent examples). Irrational Man has a chance at greatness, but does it fall into the increasingly large pile of Allen’s many misses? (more…)

KUMIKO, THE TREASURE HUNTER Review: A Dark Riff On A Coen Classic

Based on a bizarre urban legend that found a movie-obsessed Japanese woman travelling to Minnesota in search of the fictional briefcase full of money from the movie Fargo, Kumiko the Treasure Hunter builds on the Coen Brothers classic while weaving its own deeply dark and disturbingly odd tale. (more…)