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KONG: SKULL ISLAND Review – The King Returns in an Elaborate Apocalypse Now Homage

With so many screen versions of King Kong, how does 2017’s Skull Island set itself apart? (more…)

TIFF Review: ROOM Celebrates The Resiliency Of The Human Spirit

Room faces a considerable challenge – how do you adapt a book that mostly takes place in a cramped room and is told from the perspective of a five-year-old boy? (more…)

The Gambler Review

The Gambler (2014)

Dir: Rupert Wyatt

It was an uphill climb but Mark Wahlberg’s new film may place him into the most improbable on-screen profession of his career. That’s right, The Gambler has overtaken high school science teacher (The Happening) and inventor (Transformers 4: We’ll Keep Making These As Long As You Keep Paying) in terms of incredulity as it asks you to believe that Mark Wahlberg’s character Jim Bennett is a tenured English professor. (more…)