Month: January 2016

BLACK MASS Review: Dastardly Depp

Never entirely comfortable as a heartthrob, Johnny Depp always seemed to gravitate toward the weirdos, whether it was as a goth Scissorhands or a disappointing Wonka.  And while the last few years of his career have devolved into an endless parade of funny-hat-wearing characters that are a deep as a puddle (the Mad Hatter being the most shrill), there was always a flicker of that slight madness that made him a star. (more…)



It’s easy to get mad at Michael Bay’s latest slice of processed American cheese, especially as the movie (based on the Benghazi attacks of 2012) lands at a time calculated to do the most damage to Democrats during an election year . Yet it’s harder to overlook Bay’s increasing command of his craft, even as the story and dialogue falter.  (more…)

The Best Films of 2015

(and by “best” I mean my favourites)

2015 has come and gone, and left in its wake are a huge swath of movies to delight our eyeballs and earholes. Some franchise revivals missed the mark (I’m looking at you Jurassic World!) while others were blessedly good (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, phew). There were lots of gems both big and small – here are the ones I liked best:  (more…)

THE REVENANT Review: Leo’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

If Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t win his Best Actor Oscar for The Revenant then I doubt there’s any extremes left for him to go to. His performance in the film – a kind of Passion Play depicting one man’s suffering and hardships – is brutal and immersive, as is the movie surrounding him. (more…)