Month: August 2015

Review: MISTRESS AMERICA Resurrects The Screwball Comedy

The movie Mistress America, like its character Brooke, walks a fine line between charming and grating. Director Noah Baumbach’s usual acidic wit is on full display here but it’s tempered by the sentimentality that frequent collaborator Greta Gerwig (who co-wrote with Baumbach) provides. (more…)

The James Bond Rewatch: OCTOPUSSY (1983)

I’m not sure if fans were clamouring to see Roger Moore dressed as a sad clown during the climax of a James Bond film, but the suggestively titled Octopussy fulfils that wish anyway.

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – ROGUE NATION Review: Tom Cruise Outruns Franchise Fatigue

Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt may be the most malleable action hero in history – a blank template for (arguably) the biggest movie star in the world to inhabit. Fittingly, his Mission: Impossible films have become a director’s showcase that are flexible enough to follow the popular movie trends of the day. (more…)