Month: November 2015

TIFF Review: THE DANISH GIRL Is Well-Wrought But Superficial

The Danish Girl has a timely premise – the story of one of the first recipients of sex reassignment surgery at a time when it was extremely dangerous and much of society held deep prejudices. By all rights it should make for a compelling and important film, especially in the hands of recent Oscar-winners Tom Hooper (Best Director for The King’s Speech) and Eddie Redmayne (Best Actor for The Theory of Everything).

The James Bond Rewatch: QUANTUM OF SOLACE (2008)

If Casino Royale was a love story then Quantum of Solace is a revenge flick, showing a ruthless 007 that’s often more Jason Bourne than James Bond.


BONE TOMAHAWK Review: A Gruesome Cannibal Western

Bone Tomahawk gets a pass based on Kurt Russell’s epic moustache alone. There’s plenty of other elements that work in this Western/Horror pastiche but between this and Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming The Hateful Eight, it’s clear that Russell feels at home rocking period-specific facial hair that amplifies his badass bonafides.  (more…)