Month: June 2015

The James Bond Rewatch: DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER (1971)

Sean Connery returns and the series pivots towards heavy camp in the 7th James Bond film – Diamonds Are Forever.


SPY Review: A New Kind of Secret Agent

After helping usher in a new age of female centric comedies (Bridesmaids) and spoofing the buddy cop genre (The Heat), writer-director Paul Feig and star Melissa McCarthy continue their fruitful collaboration with Spy – a raucous satire of secret agents that subverts many of the genre’s well-worn tropes while still paying homage. (more…)

Review: KUNG FURY Will Melt Your Eyeballs and Scorch Your Brain

Have you ever wanted to see a time-travelling lone wolf cop (“I’m a cop. From the future.”) crotch punch Hitler (a.k.a. Kung Führer) in an epic 1980s style action adventure? Well, that’s a very specific fantasy but it’s realized in the insane new short film Kung Fury, a gloriously over-the-top fever dream of cartoonish violence and pastiche of all things supremely 80s, all set to a killer synth wave score and shot through with a healthy dose of absurdity. (more…)