Author: glenonfilm

Born into a harsh environment that few can properly envision without first hand knowledge, Glen had to swiftly become resourceful at a young age to evade the roving gangs of cannibalistic mutants that roamed the blasted wastelands of Hamilton, ON. Subsisting on naught but Gino’s pizza and an equally steady diet of VHS movies with eye-catching covers, he eventually evolved into the repository of useless and banal film knowledge that exists today. This knowledge was previously used to win bar arguments in a pre-smartphone era, but is now deposited here in a vain attempt to make public his most secret inner thoughts. Enjoy!

The Best Films of 2017

2017 will go down as a year that felt deeply divided on a cultural level; when those who shouted the loudest often got heard and other voices got drowned out, even amidst a great wave of change. (more…)

THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS Review: Fast Cars Go Boom, Part 8

A genuine global phenomenon, The Fast and Furious dynasty is now so untethered from identifiable reality that its roots as a simple car-focused Point Break ripoff are fading in the rear view mirror. (more…)