Oscar Isaac


It’s been 32 long years since the release of Return Of The Jedi, and at last the eventual fates of Han, Leia and Luke are revealed alongside the introduction of a whole host of new characters. Star Wars: The Force Awakens may be the most anticipated movie ever released – a heavy burden for any film to bear. (more…)

Review: EX MACHINA is Cerebral, Twisty Sci-Fi That Gazes Inward

Ex Machina hinges on the Turing test, an idea which states that a machine has true artificial intelligence when its answers are reasonably similar to how a human would respond. In other words, once a machine’s conversational responses can fool a human, that machine has essentially achieved AI – what some would call a soul. (more…)

A Most Violent Year Review

A Most Violent Year (2014)

Dir: J.C. Chandor

What’s in a title? The slow-burning procedural A Most Violent Year is a misnomer on par with Naked Lunch (especially in light of some people’s literal interpretation), although it does evoke a particular unease that is sustained throughout. Writer-director J.C. Chandor’s third feature film takes place during the winter of the most violent year on record in New York City, 1981, and traces the Horatio Alger-like birth of The American Dream for one enterprising couple. (more…)