Melissa McCarthy

SPY Review: A New Kind of Secret Agent

After helping usher in a new age of female centric comedies (Bridesmaids) and spoofing the buddy cop genre (The Heat), writer-director Paul Feig and star Melissa McCarthy continue their fruitful collaboration with Spy – a raucous satire of secret agents that subverts many of the genre’s well-worn tropes while still paying homage. (more…)

St. Vincent Review

St. Vincent (2014)

Dir: Theodore Melfi

Bill Murray’s place as an American Treasure is undeniable at this point. That status is bolstered not only by a legendary television and film career (which began with SNL and hit 80’s comedies followed by a transition into more dramatic work), but also by his mysterious and cantankerous persona (he’s only reachable by a 1-800 number, he’ll crash random parties, he’ll even approach random strangers on the street and state “No one will ever believe you”). With Murray, you’re never sure what you’re going to get, but at least it’ll be interesting. (more…)