Joaquin Phoenix

IRRATIONAL MAN Review: Woody Allen’s Latest Mixes Philosophy & Murder

Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone are a knockout pair of actors and Woody Allen is prolific enough (steadily churning out a movie a year) that he can’t help but hit the mark occasionally (see Midnight in Paris and Blue Jasmine for recent examples). Irrational Man has a chance at greatness, but does it fall into the increasingly large pile of Allen’s many misses? (more…)

Inherent Vice Review

Inherent Vice (2014)

Dir: Paul Thomas Anderson

Writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson seems of a different time; a man who has more in common with his heroes Robert Altman and Robert Downey Sr. than any of his contemporaries. Cribbing from those two masters, Anderson’s wistful, hilarious and sprawling Boogie Nights was a sympathetic love letter to 1970’s porn and the makeshift families that the lovable losers of that world formed. (more…)