Jonathan Glazer

Under the Skin Review

Under the Skin (2014)

Dir: Jonathan Glazer

Scarlett Johansson takes a break from the brawn of big-budget blockbusters to ably command the screen in Under the Skin, Jonathan Glazer’s long-in-the-works third feature. Science fiction and Scottish miserablism combine in this visually stunning but narratively light film that’s long on haunting imagery and short on dialogue.

Johansson stars as the unnamed lead, an alien who haunts the Scottish countryside in a white panel van in search of lonely men with few societal connections. There’s a motorcyclist who acts as her handler of sorts, a dilapidated building that serves as home base, and the aforementioned van where much of the film takes place in and around.  And then… things occur.  Without being dismissive of the film, it’s more a tone poem and less a traditional narrative, and to detail (more…)