DOCTOR STRANGE Review: Marvel’s Cosmic Gamble

Having seemingly exhausted the possibilities for Earth-bound battles and even venturing into space with Guardians of The Galaxy, Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme takes centre stage in the dimension hopping and mind bending Doctor Strange. (more…)


Big Hero 6 Review

Big Hero 6 (2014)

Dirs: Don Hall, Chris Williams

There’s no two ways about it – there’s a glut of superhero movies right now with even more in the pipeline. With Marvel/Disney (owners of the main Marvel Cinematic Universe including The Avengers and its offshoots) announcing their plans through the next five years, Warner/DC (Superman, Batman and more) scheduling their next ten movies, and additional properties from Fox (Fantastic Four) and Sony (Spider-man) forthcoming, you’d be forgiven for feeling some superhero fatigue (here’s a handy chart to help you keep them straight). (more…)