High Tension

The Best Extreme Horror Movies

Horror’s a big category with lots of unique and worthwhile subsets like: vampires, romantic vampires, campy vampires, well-dressed vampires, teenage vampires, and possibly others too. Extreme Horror is one notable sub-genre and a relatively new phenomenon. It can be seen as the new millennium’s return to horror’s grisly roots after the largely sanitized post-modern efforts of the 90’s (like Scream and all its tongue-in-cheek copycats). With precursors like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), Cannibal Holocaust, and the notorious Guinea Pig paving the way, the below twisted tales are standing on the shoulders of some rather fucked up giants. They all transcend the simple “torture porn” moniker and offer up some genuine meat to go with the all the gristle. If you’re looking for some of the darkest, mind-warping Extreme Horror movies then look no further: (more…)