The Babadook

The Best Films of 2014

(and by “Best” I mean my favourites)

2014 was an amazing year of movies for a number of reasons. There seemed to be more quality films than any other recent year – perhaps since 2007 or even 1999 – and more surprising still was that they weren’t all released in the fall and winter, but rather spread out across a whole year of cinematic richness (for proof check out the Best of Summer 2014 Arthouse and Blockbusters, many of which appear here). (more…)

The Babadook Review

The Babadook (2014)

Dir: Jennifer Kent

Let’s get this out of the way – The Babadook is terrifying. Both the movie and the title character are so well-realized, so full of dread, that The Babadook will linger with you long after the final credits roll. (more…)